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By Lisa Renee Jones

It started with a hot, steamy look shared between two strangers. I didn’t even mean to make eye contact. I’d seen him looking at me when I entered the coffee shop, and I had felt the sizzling awareness we shared. I didn’t want to feel that warm simmering heat or the desire to get to know this man. It didn’t matter that he was just my type with dark hair with a widow’s peak that drew attention to dark, sensual eyes. I wasn’t looking for a man nor did I need the complications of a relationship. Having recently come out of a long relationship, I didn’t know how to be with another man. Not that I wasn’t growing intrigued by the idea, but I knew I needed to learn about myself right now. I needed to know who I was as a woman. Yeah, I was in better shape than I had been in years. My brown hair was now auburn, my size eight body, now a four. I was getting attention from men in a way I didn’t remember ever experiencing. Perhaps, I put off a vibe that said I was available. For the first time in my adult life, I was, after all. And I had needs, sexual ones. I just didn’t know how to deal with them.
I bought my coffee and fully planned to leave without giving this man, the one who I could feel staring at me, another glimpse. I willed myself to ignore the tiny ache forming between my legs. The one that said, I needed to rediscover the art of pleasure and this man could deliver. I shoved away the feeling, knowing I wasn’t ready. Not yet.
Still, knowing this, I found I simply couldn’t resist a quick glimpse at my alluring stranger. He looked up just as I brought him into view, and the look in his eyes burned with intent. This man wanted me. And Lord help me, I wanted him. The rush from the contact hit me like a bolt of lightening. My stomach fluttered and a tug of desire burned lower. His eyes were dark brown, sensual, intelligent. I didn’t even know his name and I was imagining what he’d feel like. What he’d taste like. How his body would move inside mine. I all but ran from the coffee shop, determined to escape. Not from him, but myself. I wanted this stranger and it scared the hell out of me.
The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I regretted my choice. Maybe a night of hot sex with a man who really made me hot was exactly what I needed to get on with life? I was responsible. I knew to use a condom. I knew what safe sex meant. And wasn’t sex with a stranger a rather liberating experience? There would have been no fear of tomorrow. No restrictions. No reason to hold back. I could have been as daring as I wanted.
That night, feeling more than a little aroused as I thought about what could have been, I acted on a whim. I went back to the coffee shop. For some reason, I just knew he’d be there. I took great pain choosing an outfit, trying on several outfits and settling on a black dress with a flared skirt and a v neck that showed just the right amount of cleavage. My bra was sheer and sexy, my panties a slip of lace. I wanted attention this time so I dressed to get it.
The minute I walked into the coffee shop, I felt his presence, and the warm heat of his gaze. I played it cool, not making eye contact. I bought my coffee and sat down at a corner table not far from his, aware that he watched my every move.
A few minutes later, he appeared at my table, and asked if he could sit down. His name was Darius. I laughed as he helped me pronounce it properly, liking him instantly. Something I didn’t want to feel. I didn’t want to know his name or what he was like. These were complications. They made him real. This was supposed to be about sex. But Darius kept talking. Soon, I knew he was about to enter medical school after years of struggling to work his way through school. I admired him. I found him charming and, oh, so sexy. Hours passed, and conversation continued. Soon the coffee shop was closing and we were the last to leave.
As Darius walked me to my car, I felt fear and excitement mingle together. He wore a dark blue button down and black slacks. He had a Latin sex appeal that really got me hot. But I also I liked him. Too much. I reasoned that away quickly, biting my bottom lip as I snuck another look at his long, lithe frame. If he’d turned out to be a jerk, I’d never have gone through with this. Liking him was not a bad thing.
The parking lot was empty and I’d park in a far, dark corner. I opened my door and tossed my purse inside. When I turned back, he was close. His scent, warm and masculine, insinuated itself into my nostrils, drawing me into a lust filled fog.
He leaned a hand on my little Toyota, and eased closer. “I want to kiss you,” he whispered, his voice low and sultry as it danced along my nerve endings and sent an instant sizzle straight between my trembling thighs.
My hand went to his chest, the first touch we shared like molten heat. My nipples tightened and I knew a kiss would never be enough. I didn’t answer him with words. Instead, I pulled lightly on his chest.
His head lowered towards mine, slow, as if he didn’t feel the anticipation I did. But I knew better. He felt all I did and maybe more. I felt it in the very air around us.
At first he was gentle, his lip a mere caress of a touch. Then, he pulled back a bit, just enough to allow our breath to mingle. Seconds passed and simmering passion seemed to pull us together. Suddenly, we were kissing, tongues sliding together in a seductive dance of pure hunger. I could feel his body pressed against mine, his thighs encasing mine, his hands in my hair, on my face, and….God, on my breast. His thumb stroked my nipple and I moaned against his mouth. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was in a parking lot. Still, I couldn’t seem to care.
My hand went to his, molding it to my chest even as I arched into the touch. He ground into my hips, and slid his fingers beneath my skirt, pushing the material high up my leg. When he brushed the lace of my panties and then slid across my sensitive flesh, I was completely lost. I hadn’t wanted like this in a lifetime. He whispered something in Spanish. Sexy. Hot. Then, “You’re so damn wet.”
And damn wet felt good. I lifted my leg around his hip even as he unzipped his pants. Somehow, he’d managed to retrieve a condom. That he’d done it fast and effectively worked for me. I didn’t care it meant he’d had practice. Right now, his experience came with a silver lining…my pleasure. I kissed his neck, inhaling his spicy scent, and then sucking in a breath when his cock founds it way inside me.
My sexy stranger kissed me then, claiming my mouth as he buried himself to the hilt. A slow slide of his shaft backwards and then we began a seductive dance. I could feel the wind around me, the only thing about the night that wasn’t on fire. He didn’t rush, apparently unconcerned about our location. Instead, he seemed to savor the feel of being inside me, kissing me, touching me, making me crazy. I’d had sex in fancy places, complete with flowers and wine, that didn’t manage to be as seductive as this.
It was me who turned up the volume, feeling the first hint of orgasm. I moved against him, wanting that ultimate reward. No needing it. My ex hadn’t managed to get me this close in years. Following my lead, he ground into me, building speed and power. Each time he hit my core, it rocked me with sensation. And then, that thing I thought gone forever, happened. I tumbled over into complete, utter bliss. I couldn’t even cry out, so intense was the explosion. My body grabbed a hold of his cock, taking and taking. In some far corner of my mind I knew when he came. He buried his face in my neck, and his body shook.
We stood there for long moments, and reality came back. I’d just had sexy with a stranger. The best sex I remembered having in a very long time. It was almost embarrassing. But as my stranger eased my leg down to the ground and helped me settle my skirt into place, he smiled. Then we both laughed. To my utter shock, he seemed a bit shy about the entire thing to. Could that be?
He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “Is it to late to ask you to come home with me?”
If he was this good in a parking lot, I couldn’t wait to find out what he man could do in bed. “It’s never too late,” I said, meaning it. Tonight I had reinvented myself. I’d taken a step towards a new life. Would Darius be a part of that? I didn’t know. But tonight, it didn’t matter. I just wanted to enjoy being me.
And with Darius, enjoyment seemed a sure thing.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

From a talented author.....Michele Chambers

House of Moons: The Seduction

House of Moons: The Seduction

Ten women stood, shaking and numb, as their world disappeared in a column of blue fire and sparkling smoke. Magic.

"What will we do now?" Therez did not know who uttered the question they all needed an answer to, but the words released the thrall holding them still as stone. Chaos erupted.

Therez, Second Daughter’s line of the House of Law, planted her feet in the solid ground and ignored the angry shouts and tears of those around her. Trembling fingertips explored the cut and weight of the metal collar she held in her hands. A slave collar. An hour ago it had hung around her neck. Now it was nothing more than scrap metal and six orbits of bad memories. A strange calm settled over her as she watched her mother, their commander here at Factory Four, raise her arms for silence.

Once order was restored, her mother uttered words Therez never thought to hear, "We go home."

Silence settled over them, broken only by the crackling fire that burned their factory, their prison to the ground behind her. In her long white robes, Therez thought her mother looked like a cloud floating before the unnaturally blue blaze. Heat lifted the robes, whipped around them all, a tornado of rebirth. Home had no meaning for her now. For any of them. They were all prisoners here, most because they'd discovered the truth about their elders and their magic. She could not go back to the cities, to the lies. Not when what she so desperately wanted beckoned from behind her in the dense woods.

Her right foot stepped back and she fell out of line. Overhead, the roar of Heir Charla's ship rumbled through her ribcage until her very teeth rattled with the force of its flight. Everything was different now. Charla had a mate. A pirate and Cross-Worlder! The future queen would not stop until every Anthean factory was destroyed. Magic would return to the Moon Warriors. Soon all the rules would change.

Freedom beckoned with a siren's voice, and Therez was all too eager to answer the call. Using every ounce of strength, Therez flung the offensive collar into the flames. Smile spreading on her face, she took a step back from everything she'd ever known.
Therez watched as one by one, the women melted away into the forest as if they'd never been. None would go back to the old life.

When only her mother remained, Therez strode to her and wrapped the older woman in her arms. "And what of you mother?"

"I am old. I survived because I wanted to see my grandchildren." Laughter sparkling in her blue eyes, she looked up at Therez and smiled. "Now that the shroud has been lifted, now that we are free, I'd like to meet this man you've been hunting."

Therez slid further out onto the wide tree limb, her short green dress gathered around her hips and slid off one shoulder. Three small, glittering pools of deep blue water spread out before her. Twilight sparkled atop the water in a thin layer of gold. Two hundred year old trees stood guard over the secluded clearing. Her trees. Her friends. She was an empath, capable of communicating with them, of understanding their plights. And they protected her. Many evenings she had lain in wait for him. Her mate. Gabriel always answered her telepathic call. Therez summoned him, and he would come to her, lie in the grass below or bath in the pools and listen. Therez would talk to him telepathically, tease him, make love to him with her mind and wish she were free to do more. The trees had kept her safe, hidden, invisible.

Not tonight. This time she wanted to be seen, wanted to be touched.

Gabriel. I need you. Therez sent the call out into the night and settled down to wait. Gabriel’s village was only a few miles away, across the border into the Cross-Worlder’s lands. Technically, Gabriel was her enemy. Before, the elders would’ve killed him for speaking to her. Now, all the rules had changed.

I am here.

Therez gasped and nearly lost her perch in the old tree. Gabriel appeared in the clearing just as he had the first night she’d seen him. He simply appeared, as if he came from the forest itself, dark and powerful. He too, wore green, and his pants stretched across powerful hips and thighs, molded to every muscle as if painted onto his flesh. Heat rushed to her face as her eyes traveled up over the expanse of his naked chest. Arms thick as oaks made his blast rifle look ridiculous, like a twig to be snapped. Are you going to shoot me?

Gabriel stilled in the act of setting down his blast rifle. Long black hair flowed over his shoulders to pool over the rifle he held halfway to the ground. You are here. Come, let me see you. Touch you. The rest he left unsaid, but heat and desire brushed the insides of her mind and made her whole body clench. Only this man affected her this way, made her think of nothing but running her palms over every inch of him, of tasting…

Gabriel raised his arms and spoke to the sky, to her, “I was on my way to investigate the explosions. Are you unhurt?”

“I’m free.” Therez’s eyes burned with unshed tears as she whispered the words. She didn’t believe he would hear her, but he whipped his head around and his gaze pinned her where she hid. The green of his eyes was so intense, she felt like she was drowning. Longing pulled her toward him and she nearly fell.

“At last, Therez, you will stop trying to protect me, stop hiding from me.” A thousand unspoken needs hummed through them both, and for once, Therez dropped all her natural shielding and let him in, let the strength of their mutual gifts flow through her, roll over her like a storm. He was angry, and determined that she would never escape him again. “Damn, stubborn woman. Get down here.”

She didn’t remember moving, but suddenly she stood before him barefoot in the soft grass, an arms length away. From the trees, he looked imposing, strong. Standing there, staring up at him, he suddenly seemed a giant, a force of nature she could neither resist nor control. “Gabriel.”

Therez meant to apologize for all the nights she’d run from him, hidden herself so the elders would have no hint of his existence. She wanted to tell him she was sorry for being too weak to give him up, for endangering his life. All that came out was his name, and even to her it sounded like a sigh of surrender.

Gabriel reached for her, cupped her cheeks in his hands and pulled her forward. “Never again, Therez.” A soft breeze stirred, brought the smell of the forest. Long strands of her golden hair fluttered between them, wound around their bodies, mixed with his black. His lips hovered above hers, so close she could feel their heat, could almost taste him. Green fire burned in his gaze, and her skin tingled with the call of his power, his magic. “Mind to mind.”

The Binding. Therez hesitated for a heartbeat. The bond would be permanent. Irreversible. Forever. Fear trickled through her, insidious and cold. What if these last moons had been a mistake? What if…

His lips crushed hers in an onslaught of lust and pent up need. Gabriel held her body from his so that her entire being was focused on his mouth. Palms still pressed to the sides of her face, he ravaged her mouth, brought lust bubbling up in her blood until her nipples ached and her pussy clenched in pain around the emptiness inside. Frantic to get closer, she tried, in vain to pull him to her. His arms were immobile; his body a solid wall of muscle and will. A frustrated sob of need escaped her and she tore her mouth from his. Six orbits of slavery, of being a prisoner of her own people had taught her one thing, life was too damn short. She’d already wasted six precious orbits. She wasn’t about to let fear claim even one more day.

“Mind to mind.” Therez didn’t recognize the husky need in her own voice. She sounded like a stranger, a new being pledging herself to this amazing man. The thought excited her.

Gabriel lowered his forehead to hers. Their rapid breathes mingled. Magic rose and swelled between them like a living, pulsing being moving through them both. “Heart to heart.”

“Heart to heart.” Therez didn’t hesitate, just pressed her body against his, swirled her tongue over his heart as she said the words.

Gabriel shuddered beneath her touch, his cock pressed into her stomach, hard and ready. “Blood to blood.”

“Blood to blood, I bind you to me.” Therez sought and found his hard nipple, pulled it into her mouth.

“I bind you to me.” Power flowed over them, through them, like hot melted chocolate coated her on the insides. Sweet. Hot. Sticky. Unbreakable. They could never be separated now, never be lost to one another. Gabriel lifted her off the ground, pulled her mouth back up to his. He chastised her between kisses. “Never. Never again.”

His familiar voice brushed the insides of her mind like a lover’s caress. You’re mine now. Mine. Forever. Therez caught an echo of other thoughts. He meant to protect her, keep her safe. Anger still churned within him that she’d refused his aid, rejected his pleas to reveal herself before today, that she hadn’t trusted him enough to share more than just her mind.

The elders would’ve killed you.

Gabriel punished her with his mouth, his tongue delving deeply, seeking her secrets without mercy or patience. No, they would’ve tried. Gabriel’s mouth left hers to trace the line of her jaw, her collarbone. She felt his hands bunch in the fabric of her dress at the small of her back. He ripped the material from her body and threw it without looking to see where it landed. Dropping to one knee, he knelt before her naked body and stared up into her face with eyes the same shade of green as her own. “I could’ve saved you.”

Therez wanted to laugh, and scream, and cry. She buried her hands in his long black hair and let the silent tears flow. He’d been her anchor in the dark, her reason for fighting on, for getting up every day and functioning in her prison. Gabriel had been her reason for living. You did, my love. You already did.

Gabriel smiled, and it stole her breath, made her legs too weak to hold her. Effortlessly, he caught her, pulled her willing body forward. His superior height allowed him to simply lean forward and pull one taut peak into his mouth. A jolt of electricity stole her breath, shot straight to her core. The pale blue sky, the grass beneath her feet, and the soft gurgling of streams faded until nothing existed but Gabriel. His body. His hands. His mouth. Magic hung in the air, so thick she felt the weight of it on her skin, a living, breathing entity. Waiting…waiting…

Behind her, Gabriel’s left arm tightened, a steel band holding her still for his exploring lips, teeth and tongue. He nibbled and tasted each breast, sucked her sensitive flesh deeply into his mouth. Therez arched her back, leaned into his arm, and thrust her hard nipples into the air in offering. His right hand slid from her spine to trail a line of fire over her hip, her buttock, her inner thigh before his fingertips danced back up to settle over her mons.

Therez’s knees buckled, her body’s attempt to settle onto the hand cupping her. Gabriel’s left arm held her steady, kept her from falling as two fingers slipped inside to stretch and explore. In and out, he brushed her inner walls with fire and need. His thumb pushed hard into her clit, danced there until she jolted in his arms. Each stroke sent a shockwave of lust and magic trough her system until she was a whimpering, mindless wanton. An eternity of nights filled with longing, of wanting to touch him, taste him welled up within her. Magic came with it and gave her the added strength she needed to break his hold on her back. She shoved him back and then dropped to her knees, stalked him like a hungry cat scenting prey where he now lay on his back in the dark green grass.

Her pulse pounded in her ears. One. Two. Three. And she was over him, outlining the hard planes of his chest with her sensitive breasts. She swirled her tongue over each of his nipples, the curve of muscle and ribs, lower to dip beneath the top of his pants. He tasted like forest, and heat, and man. She found his full thickness beneath his pants and bit lightly, brought one hand to explore the length of his cock where it lay trapped beneath the soft green fabric.

Gabriel lifted his hips off the ground, used the moment to remove the last barrier between them. Long and hard, his cock sprang free. The sight roared through her body with a tornado of magic. Their power wanted the ritual to be complete, demanded their bodies join. Therez’s core squeezed around nothing. Emptiness. Pain at being incomplete. The emptiness seemed to swallow her up, stretch her will to the breaking point. Nothing mattered more than riding him, feeling him stretch her wide, pound into her flesh. Magic pulsed in her blood like fire, stole her will and inhibitions. Therez reached for him with her mind even as she crawled up his body. Gabriel!

She wasn’t even sure what she was asking for. Help? Relief? Forgiveness? Invasion?

Just let go. Gabriel’s hands dug into her hips, lifted her over his hard length and pulled her down.

Slowly, she settled over him, took all of him inside, stretched nearly to the point of pain. Her inner muscles squeezed and clutched at his cock, tried to milk him, pull him deeper.
Therez moaned his name, shifted slightly forward to force his cock deeper. Her cunt roared to life around him. The maelstrom of magic riding her rushed down, down her body and into his where she held him inside.

Gabriel gasped and arched of the ground at the force and heat behind the flow of energy. Magic whipped through them both, minds, hearts, and blood, until there was only one entity, one soul welded together with blood and magic.

Therez smiled at him, pulled him forward for another kiss. His tongue in her mouth, his cock filling her, Therez let sensation rule. She tilted her hips so her clit would rub against the hard planes of his stomach, then rode him. Up and down. Lift and slam home. Hard Fast. She let instinct take over and threw her head back, offered Gabriel the long line of her throat.

Gabriel bit the sensitive spot at the base of her collarbone and lifted his hips to meet her. Therez’s breasts were crushed to his chest. With every hard thrust, Therez squeezed her inner muscles, increased the tension. Harder. Faster. Deeper until orgasm rippled through her body and tore a scream from her throat. Magic and their link pulled Gabriel over with her.

Gabriel lay down on the grass and pulled her down with him. Therez lay sprawled on his chest, her cheek in the hollow of his shoulder. Steady and strong, his heart beat beneath her ear.

It beats for you, Therez. Always.

Therez smiled and snuggled closer. What now?

Gabriel’s arms tightened around her, squeezed to punish her for the question. I finally get to take you home.

Peace and happiness settled over her soul, two things she never thought to have. Gabriel was her home now. Anywhere he wanted to go sounded pretty damn good.

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Saturday, July 02, 2005


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